Sara’s Quick Tips for the Star Signs – May 2016

Aries (21st March – 20th April): Keep calm and carry on, don’t try and achieve too much.

Taurus (21st April – 21st May): A fabulous time when you’ll be extremely successful.

Gemini (22nd May – 21st June): Ask questions and get all the information you need.

Cancer (22nd June – 23rd July): Take the lead in any projects and new opportunities.

Leo (24th July – 23rd  August): Relieve the tension by planning some interesting entertainment.

Virgo (24th  August – 23rd September): Stick to your normal routine and don’t make any changes.

Libra (24th September – 23rd October): Think carefully about a personal relationship and start talking.

Scorpio (24th October – 22nd November): Check the financial area of your life and make sure you are benefiting

Sagittarius (23rd November – 21st December): Use your wonderful creativity at work it will bring results.

Capricorn (22nd  December – 20th January): Gentle persuasion will get you exactly what you wish for and need.

Aquarius (21st January – 19th February): Fill yourself with self belief and confidence, you’ll inspire those around you.

Pisces (20th February – 20th March): Don’t daydream but keep everything real at this time.

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