Sara’s predictions for the year ahead – 2016

The year ahead is being called the year of rebirth, the years of austerity are passed and it’s time to re-dress some form of balance.  The influence of two huge planets Uranus and Pluto have brought big changes, disharmony and confrontation, but this year the way we all think about our lifestyles and attitude to the financial areas of our lives will have changed. As Uranus and Pluto start to move apart there will be a relaxation of the pressure on us and in turn we will become more self-reliant and stable.  There may be patches of tension within world affairs and these will need to be addressed by co-operation between world leaders to avoid future conflict. We will need to become less self interested and take into account the needs of those around us and those not as fortunate as ourselves.  Political leaders will be watched and some may not come up to the high expectations we would wish for of those in power.  This is the year of creativity especially in Britain which is a nation of ingenuity and invention, new ideas will prove exciting. Technology will take a further step forward in helping to control terrorism and fanatical behaviour.   Climate change will take priority over the coming year as weather patterns will become even more unpredictable. An awareness of the planets needs will grow and countries will start to unite to preserve our precious planet and the environment. Exploration into space will be exciting and new discoveries will be enlightening. In all a year of productivity and self awareness of our own needs spiritually and not materialistically.

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