Press and Media

Sara is a leading Clairvoyant and an expert in the field of Tarot, Palmistry and Astrology. Sara started her career training as nurse at the Royal London Hospital but her interest in the psychic world has always been there. Her belief in the spiritual world started from a young age, developed during her nursing years and is now carried forward into the career she has today. Through the Tarot cards and Palmistry Sara offers spiritual guidance to her clients who come and see her when they have a crisis and are at a crossroads in life, or need some form of connection with the spiritual world. Over the past 16 years Sara has provided guidance to clients through her natural psychic ability, she works as a medium and believes using the Tarot cards enhances this gift.

A natural progression followed into Astrology and Sara now writes horoscopes for newspapers, magazines local and national radio and television. She also produces birth or natal charts for private clients, studying the planets and the stars placement at the time they were born. Sara regularly attends as the psychic for vigils with her local paranormal society Haunted Devon.

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