Lunar Eclipse – 23rd March 2016 in Libra

A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes within the Earth’s shadow or umbra and blocks the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon.

The Lunar eclipse on the 23rd March falls in Libra the sign of balance, diplomacy and refinement. The Moon represents what is hidden within us, as Carl Jung, the founder of Analytical Psychology commented it is our ‘shadow self’. The Moon now in opposition to the Sun and the Earth blocking the Sun’s light a Lunar eclipse can have a profound effect on our emotions, feelings and imagination. It can bring emotional issues to the surface making this an uncomfortable way to feel. However used in a positive way once these feelings have been faced it can herald a time of clearing away issues from the past once and for all. In Libra the sign of diplomacy this would be a good time for discussions, debates and mediation.

Eclipses Solar or Lunar are game changers for all of the star signs, clearing out what is no longer needed, either materially or in an emotional way. A great time to make important decisions and this in turn will bring about a new beginning.

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