VirgoHoroscope for August 2017

August 23rd – Sept 22nd

Outlook for the month: With your ruling planet Mercury travelling through your sign it bodes well for all forms of communications and travel. That is until the 13th when the planet starts its retrograde motion causing you delays and missed messages. Check all the finer details or you could miss out on some important issue and have to start all over again. You’re a sign that has a natural talent for getting things right and your attention to detail is second to none. Use this gift and all should go well, any tiny mistakes or errors can be quickly resolved and sorted, any opportunities that come along think carefully before making a long term commitment.

Love & Romance: Your love life is where you’ll feel most happy as everything you planned should be going according to your wishes. With your grounded nature you don’t mess around and if you get a chance over the coming weeks to be seen out and about grab this with both hands. The more new people you come into contact with the more exciting it will be.

Money & Career: You always set your sights high and work to a very high standard liking everything done properly, this will bring you the respect and admiration from work colleagues. There may be the chance for promotion or you could be asked to take the lead in a new project, don’t hesitate too much, use careful thought and find out all the facts before making a decision.

Low Dates: 9th & 10th August.   Good Dates: 22nd, 23rd & 24th August.