VirgoHoroscope for October 2017

August 23rd – Sept 22nd

Outlook for the month: With Mars and Venus in your sign for the first two weeks of the month there’s not much you cannot achieve. Venus is the planet of love and personal relationships and Mars gives you determination and courage. This is the area of your life that will benefit from your time and effort, by doing this a relationship will become more harmonious and balanced. You’ll be feeling full of motivation, energy and be determined to succeed with even the most mundane tasks. View the future with optimism it will lighten your mood and make you feel you’re really making progress in the right direction.

Love & Romance: Personally you’ll be wishing to spend time with those you love and cherish; in turn this will highly benefit a permanent relationship. If you’re looking for love someone may catch your eye and you’ll want to get to know them better. Your attraction and allure will make this easy for you to do so take advantage of the planets lucky outlook and allow yourself some space to concentrate on love and romance.

Money & Career: Using your excellent intuition will help when dealing with new opportunities and with work colleagues. Trust what you feel as this will be the key to success, there is much for you to do and much you’ll want to take on. Be cautious with money and only spend what you need to, by saving your pennies now you’ll be able to indulge yourself later on in the weeks to come.

Low Dates: 3rd, 4th & 30th October.   Good Dates: 16th & 17th October.