ScorpioHoroscope for July 2018

October 23rd – November 21st

Outlook for the month: With Jupiter in your sign starting to move forwards again on the 10th anything that has become rather dull and mundane will shift and you’ll be able to make some changes to your everyday routine. With your intelligent and quick mind this will suit you, keeping on the go and creating something new will enhance your life in some way. A busy time ahead so get all the tedious tasks done and out of the way early on in the month. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, good luck and good fortune use this astrological influence to make many gains in all areas of your life. Take a good look at new opportunities as they come along, you are an astute character and can discern which will be beneficial for you and those that won’t. If something feels wrong then it probably is, don’t waste time and effort on chasing a hopeless venture.

Love & Romance: A quiet month when you’ll wish to surround yourself with the people you know and trust. Keeping your thoughts hidden will allow you to make your own mind up about a situation without the influence of others opinions. Arrange some time at home and only do what you wish to do, say no if you want as you don’t have to put yourself under any extra pressure to please someone close.

Money & Career: With good money making ideas you can forge ahead with work issues, your determination and efforts will be well rewarded. The respect and admiration of work colleagues will have you feeling very satisfied and pleased with your achievements. Ready to take new work on you’ll be busy and a financial reward will boost your confidence.

Low Dates: 8th & 9th July. Good Dates: 21st & 22nd July.