ScorpioHoroscope for October 2017

Oct 23rd – Nov 21st

Outlook for the month: There is a very good and interesting planet entering your sign this month, you have Jupiter coming in on the 10th. You haven’t seen this planet for twelve years and it will stay with you for the next twelve months. Jupiter is the planet of good luck and good fortune, it is the planet of expansion so whatever you choose to do in the coming year you’ll have luck on your side. Now’s the time to look into the future and start putting all of your plans into action. Start something new and look for new opportunities, with your energy and motivation at an all time high there’s much you can now achieve. The Sun moving in on the 24th brings you optimism and drive, the world is looking great for you – so seize the day.

Love & Romance: A good month to get out and about as you’ll be wanting to spend time in others company and wish to socialize. With your enviable charm you’ll be attracting some interesting company and there could be some admiration that will make you feel flattered and boost your self-esteem. Don’t hide away this month but make the most of this lucky trend.

Money & Career: Mercury enters your sign this month on the 18th; this is the planet of communication, thought, logic and reasoning. You will stand out from the crowd in any meetings and really start to be able to push yourself forward and into the lead with new projects and ideas. With Jupiter entering there may be a tendency to over spend so be strict with yourself and keep hold of your hard earned money by planning a budget.

Low Dates: 7th & 8th October. Good Dates: 21st & 22nd October.