ScorpioHoroscope for December 2017

Oct 23rd – Nov 21st

Outlook for the month: As Mars enters your sign on the 10th of this month along with Jupiter travelling through you’re going to be filled with confidence, ambition and determination. You’ll wish to have some fun and surrounding yourself with like minded people will make you very happy. Always an inquisitive sign you like to delve into the unknown, find a way to explore something that you haven’t tried before it will satisfy your curiosity and you’ll learn something new. An exciting month in all areas of your life, you’ll be busier than ever and be able to take everything in your stride.

Love & Romance: A lovely month for your personal life when if asked you’ll have all the help and support you need from someone close. You’re an intense sign and full of passion, arrange a special time with a loved one and spoil them and yourself it will enhance a relationship and bring you even closer. Your power of attraction will be high and expect some admiration from someone you meet.

Money & Career: Great money making ideas can be yours provided you think outside the box and don’t stick to the conventional, others will be amazed at what you’re planning to achieve. If you get any resistance by talking and arranging meetings and discussions you’ll get others around to your way of thinking. Ignore petty and trivial objections as you’ll know what is right for you by trusting that excellent intuition of yours.

Low Dates: 1st, 2nd, 29th & 30th December.   Good Dates: 14th, 15th & 16th December.