ScorpioHoroscope for June 2018

October 23rd – November 21st

Outlook for the month: An exciting month when you’ll be asked by others for help which you will willing give and in turn this will make you feel valued and happy. Socially this is an exciting time and there is much for you to look forward to over the coming weeks. Take the first two weeks of the month as a time to re-charge your energy levels, as the month picks up you’re going to get busier and busier and demands on your time will come flooding in. You’ll have to pick and choose who you wish to spend your company with, try only choosing those where you really can shine out from the crowd.   You can be very serious at times and sometimes struggle to feel relaxed and see the funnier side of life, these are the weeks to ditch too many serious issues and lighten your mood by having some fun with friends and family.

Love & Romance: You feel everything with a passion and any relationships have to ignite those feelings and emotions, you can easily switch of if the intensity goes. Try planning some interesting things to do and take the lead in suggestions to broaden your horizons especially if this involves spending time with new and interesting people.

Money & Career: There is no doubt that when you set your mind to something your determination and tenacity knows no boundaries. Others can feel quite over- shadowed by your resolve and feel quite intimidated. Try keeping work colleagues up to speed by filling them with enthusiasm and you’ll see just how hard they will assist you in achieving your targets and goals.

Low Dates: 11th & 12th June. Good Dates: 23rd, 24th & 25th June.