SagittariusHoroscope for July 2018

November 22nd – December 22nd

Outlook for the month: Trying something completely different will be interesting and expanding your contacts will bring new friendships. You’re always very interested in seeking out the new and the options you have over the coming weeks to do this will be very exciting. Get out and about this is not the time to sit at home and wait for life to come to your door. If a situation has been rather tiring boost your energy levels by doing something that you really enjoy. If you’re planning on taking a journey check all the details and make sure you avoid delays by making a timetable and sticking to a schedule. Stretching yourself and broadening your horizons by learning something new would be a wonderful idea and make you feel very positive about your future.

Love & Romance: You never fear making a long term commitment provided the person involved gives you the freedom and independence you need. Try talking to someone close and gently persuade them around to your way of thinking, understanding your needs can only enhance a relationship and give you the satisfaction you wish for.

Money & Career: You’re not one to sit still for long and as long as you keep moving forward you’ll be happy. If you feel you’re stuck in a rut you’ll have to make changes before you get too bored and fed up. Discuss your plans with those you work with and listen to any input they give, it will be well intended and help you gain the achievements, changes and success you want.

Low Dates: 10th & 11th July.   Good Dates: 23rd & 24th July.