SagittariusHoroscope for October 2017

Nov 22nd – Dec 22nd

Outlook for the month: This is the month to try and get all the tasks and workload out of the way so concentrate your efforts on clearing any back log. Once this is done you can look for new opportunities and start making new plans for the future. You are a star sign that likes to keep moving and the thought of being stuck in the old routine doesn’t appeal to you very much, but try not to leave anything unfinished. Spending time with family and friends will enhance your mood and keep everything settled and balanced. Take this time off as an opportunity to relax and recharge your energy levels as there’ll be a busy time ahead in the months to come.

Love & Romance: While you putting your effort into clearing the unfinished tasks don’t forget that your personal life may need some attention. Home is where you’ll feel most comfortable so make sure someone close doesn’t feel neglected by your busy working schedule. Arrange a surprise evening and plan to do something romantic it will be very appreciated.

Money & Career: Your focus will be on the future and you’ll be working hard to get some space in your already busy routine to take any openings to enhance your financial life. You like the adventure and can tend to chase any prospects that come along, be careful that something may look good on the surface but could prove to be a waste of your time and effort.

Low Dates: 10th & 11th October. Good Dates: 23rd, 24th & 25th October.