PiscesHoroscope for August 2017

Feb 20th – March 20th

Outlook for the month: Try not to be misunderstood by others around you, the need to communicate clearly will be very important, so think carefully before you speak. This month you’ll be feeling very creative so look for ways to start a new hobby or interest, mixing with groups will be enjoyable. The chance to make new contacts and friendships will bring you new ideas and a concept that has been in the back of your mind for some time you’ll now be able to  put into practice. Take every day in your stride and don’t sacrifice your time and energy on pointless projects, let them go and move on into something new.

Love & Romance: You should be enjoying a very settled time in your personal life, and someone may be telling you how appreciated and respected you are to them. Take all the admiration and reap the rewards that are being given, you’re about to experience a very good time romantically and it’s time for you to enjoy the attention from others.

Money & Career: Financially all should be going well and you’ll be able to keep hold of your budget, look for ways to start saving some of your hard earned money, putting a little aside now will benefit you in the long term. With work going smoothly you’ll get others on board with any new ideas and projects you wish to put into action.

Low Dates: 22nd & 23rd August.  Good Dates: 9th, 10th & 11th August.