PiscesHoroscope for March 2017

Feb 20th – March 20th

Outlook for the month: With Mercury the planet of communications, travel, thinking and planning in your sign for the first two weeks of this month, used well you’ll really benefit. It’s time to speak your mind and stand up and be counted, do this in a genial and friendly manner and you’ll find the response you get is very positive. Take matters into your own hands and don’t stay in the background, if you feel ignored you’ll have to push yourself forward into the limelight.

Love & Romance: A good month to communicate to someone close and reveal some of your deepest feelings. Family matters need to be confronted and by talking and listening you’ll achieve everything you wish for. Being candid now will improve a rather delicate situation and make you feel more comfortable and secure. 

Money & Career: Financially there are great gains being offered, don’t rush in but think carefully and make some solid concrete plans for the future. This is a good month for meetings, discussions and debates with work colleagues. Your great ideas will be well received and give you a feeling of satisfaction. 

Low Dates: 11th, 12th & 13th March.   Good Dates:   26th & 27th March.