LibraHoroscope for August 2017

September 24th – October 23rd

Outlook for the month: Be careful who you listen to this month and don’t take anything at face value without checking the facts first. The most important thing over the coming weeks is to use your excellent intuition, allowing this to guide you through any situations that appear difficult. Don’t ignore what’s staring you in the face, and only discuss your plans and ideas with trusted friends and family. Surprises may come out of the blue especially in your personal life and something that seemed so right may now look wrong and you’ll have to change your mind and take a different course of action. But everything happens for a reason; by trusting this you won’t go far wrong.

Love & Romance: With so much going on in other areas of your life there may not be much time for love and romance. Allow this area of your life to take its own course and don’t try and push issues into the foreground, you may get some resistance and cause unnecessary conflict.

Money & Career: Stick to your plans, routine and schedule over the next few weeks, something may come along that takes you out of your comfort zone and you may have to juggle to keep all the balls in the air. A work colleague may surprise you and you’ll be wondering why you didn’t see it coming. Keep calm and still and truly believe you can cope with more than you think.

Low Dates: 12th & 13th August.  Good Dates: 25th & 26th August.