LibraHoroscope for March 2018

September 24th – October 23rd

Outlook for the month: Keeping everything settled and on track will be important over the coming weeks. Look for ways to make yourself feel more secure by doing this you’ll be ready for a new venture that may come your way. As new doors open to you you’ll start to feel excited about the year ahead and be thinking of making some changes to your future prospects. A good month to open up communication with others and by talking and listening you’ll gain some great information that may see you taking another direction from the one you had planned.

Love & Romance: Don’t rock the boat in a personal relationship with Venus your ruling planet travelling through your opposing sign of Aries. If problems do occur use your excellent diplomatic skills and you’ll manage to get someone around to your way of thinking, gentle persuasion is your best course of action.

Money & Career: A career change may seem appealing and this is probably just what you need to boost your self esteem and ambitions. If someone around at work is taking you for granted make sure you let it be known that you may decide to move on to something else. Stand your ground and fill yourself with confidence over the coming weeks there is a big world out there and so much more for you to do.

Low Dates: 18th, 19th & 20th March.  Good Dates: 4th & 5th March.