LibraHoroscope for October 2017

September 24th – October 23rd

Outlook for the month: So much planetary activity for you this month, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and a New moon in your sign on the 19th heralds a time of great new beginnings and luck will be on your side. Jupiter the planet of good luck, good fortune and expansion has been with you for a year now this planet leaves your sign on the 10th, a wonderful time to consolidate what has transpired in recent months and set the trend for the months to come. Don’t miss out by not taking advantage of this excellent astrological outlook, don’t hesitate but go with how you’re feeling and trust your intuition.

Love & Romance: A wonderful month for romance with Venus moving in on the 15th, this is your ruling planet and sits very well in your sign. Venus is not only the planet of love and romance but is the planet of self-worth and values. You may be changing your viewpoint about what is important in your life and what you no longer need to hang on to, think of ways to get some more space to do the things you like and enjoy.

Money & Career: It’s a time to count your successes and benefit from your achievements, allow yourself a little indulgence. You like the finer things in life so treat yourself and those closest to you. Don’t waste anymore of your precious time on fruitless pursuits if something hasn’t worked out by now believe that it’s not going to in the future, let it go and move on.

Low Dates: 5th & 6th October. Good Dates: 18th, 19th & 20th October.