LeoHoroscope for June 2018

July 23rd – August 22nd

Outlook for the month: You may feel as if you are on the crest of a gigantic wave and astrologically you are right. So much to look forward to and all your hard work and patience will see you reaping wonderful rewards. There’s no getting away from it that you have to call on your resources and diplomatic skills to get to this point, now you can see a clear horizon. Choices will come along and you’ll have to do some research and gain all the information you need before making any major decisions about your own personal future. Exciting times ahead Leo but don’t forget that you can take your own time and nothing needs doing in a rush or in an impulsive manner.

Love & Romance: Venus the planet of love and abundance enters your sign on the 14th, how amazing for your love life. Romantic encounters will see you being the centre of attention and admiration from an unexpected source will have you feeling extremely flattered. Partnerships will enter a lovely harmonious state and plan some outings especially if you decide to try something new.

Money & Career: Financially you have to make decisions; taking advice from the experts will be invaluable to you and you’ll make the right decisions. You are a sign that normally knows what they want but now’s the time to think carefully and don’t act too impulsively or you could lose out in the long run. A career overhaul may be all it takes to set you on a new path and in a direction that can be prosperous for your future.

Low Dates: 3rd, 4th & 5th June. Good Dates: 17th & 18th June.