LeoHoroscope for July 2017

July 23rd – August 22nd

Outlook for the month: There are some great astrological events for you this month, Mercury enters your sign on the 7th and stays with you until 26th. Mars comes in on the 21st and the Sun your ruling planet moves in on 23rd, a New Moon in your sign also on this date makes this a time to remember. This is your time of year and nothing and no one can stop you from getting what you want and need, the decisions you now make will set the trend for your future. You are a brightly shining star and will be hard to resist should you set your mind on something or someone, take this outlook, make it your own and enjoy the success you deserve.

Love & Romance: There is no one you cannot impress, everyone will wish to be near you and in your presence, you’re going to love the coming weeks as you like being the centre of attention. Your sense of fun will be fabulous and you’ll wish for some adventure and excitement so plan to do something different that takes you out of your comfort zone.

Money & Career: Financially you’re onto a winner, there’s nothing you cannot do or achieve just be careful you’re not too generous with others and look to your future security and stability. Taking advice would be a good idea before you make decisions and make your mind up. Opportunities will need to be carefully thought out so try and take hold of your natural enthusiasm and keep a clear head.

Low Dates: 11th & 12th July.   Good Dates: 23rd, 24th & 25th July.