GeminiHoroscope for March 2017

May 21st - June 20th

Outlook for the month: You’ll have to look at areas of your life from a different angle, tried and tested methods will not work for you anymore. A new approach will be good for you and bring you closer to the success and achievement you wish for in your life. Gatherings from people from your past will see you in a nostalgic frame of mind for times gone by, you’ll wish to pick up old friendships and rekindle memories. This is not the time to make long term commitments as the future beckons you’ll need the freedom to make some important choices.

Love & Romance: There’ll be admiration coming from an unexpected source which could see you distracted, you’ll have to do some thinking as to whether you would like to take it further. Decisions, decisions Gemini, but be flattered by the attention. A little bit of fun will enhance your mood and increase your feeling of self-worth and value.

Money & Career: Being an Air sign you can get bored fairly quickly and then you switch off and tasks and work can seem dull and mundane. Concentrate your efforts on getting the routine workload done early in the month and then you can turn your attention to new ideas and projects and your working life will become more interesting and exciting.

Low Dates: 19th & 20th March.  Good Dates:   5th & 6th March.