GeminiHoroscope for June 2018

May 21st – June 20th

Outlook for the month: This could be an amazing month with three planets having an impact on your star sign. The Sun in until 22nd brings so much energy and you’ll be all fired up to get things done, Mercury your ruling planet in until the 13th and a New Moon in your sign on the same day kicks starts something brand new and exciting. You don’t like to sit still and would rather be busy than looking for things to keep you occupied, you won’t have to search too far as opportunities land on your doorstep. A great few weeks for any form of communication and meeting within groups will prove to be just what you need as information you get you’ll be able to use in the future coming months.

Love & Romance: A lovely time of feeling very loved and appreciated, a surprise invite will be very special. You don’t like being in the same old rut especially in your romantic life and like to keep a relationship fresh and interesting, think of ways to try something different and join in with friends and family on any outings.

Money & Career: Lots of great ideas and this will enhance your financial situation over the weeks to come. As you start a new phase others will be intrigued by your original thoughts, talking and making your ambitions known will make others understand you need to keep things interesting. Plan carefully for the weeks ahead to avoid making mistakes which will only need to be re-visited and corrected later on down the line.

Low Dates: 26th & 27th June.   Good Dates: 13th & 14th June.