GeminiHoroscope for July 2017

May 21st – June 20th

Outlook for the month: Venus enters your sign this month for its yearly visit, this lovely planet of abundance brings a time of great harmony. Someone may need your help, before you part with any money make sure you’ll get it back. Don’t waste time thinking too much but make your mind up quickly and if you have any doubts about what you’re being asked trust your intuition. This is a good month to stabilize and make a situation in your life more secure, treat yourself to something you’ve been waiting to do for a while. Others will wish to spend time with you and surprises from a past liaison may have you feeling nostalgic.

Love & Romance: With Venus the planet of love in your sign romantic encounters may occur that make you feel quite dizzy and swept of your feet. Be ready to change your plans at the last minute as invites come in and you’ll be ready to get of your normal routine. Love and romance are very well highlighted and you’ll be impressing everyone you come into contact with, don’t keep yourself to yourself but be seen in all the right places.

 Money & Career: With the planet of abundance in your sign there’s not much you can’t achieve, this planet in a tricky aspect with Saturn in the House of assets, property and money can cause you some financial frustration. At the same time Saturn is the teacher planet and you’ll be learning something that benefits your stability and security. A great month to look at property and assets which in turn bring some very good ideas into your plans for the future.

 Low Dates: 6th & 7th July.  Good Dates: 20th & 21st July.