CapricornHoroscope for April 2018

December 22nd – January 20th

Outlook for the month: With Saturn your ruling planet travelling through your sign going retrograde on the 18th of this month you’ll be allowed some more freedom to start making your own decisions and choices. The difficulty for you will be how much you want to change and what area of your life will benefit the most from these changes. A little forethought and quiet reflection may help you as well as discussing and talking with those closest to you. You like to keep to your normal routine and are not hasty in making plans, a cautious nature can sometimes make you lose out. The issue you’ll have to decide over the coming weeks is are you happy and satisfied with the way everything is going – or are you prepared to open your mind, expand your outlook and do something quite surprising and unusual?

Love & Romance: Your love life will come under the spotlight this month and however you try to avoid a heavy discussion with someone close you cannot pretend this is not needed. Be determined to sort out any issues now rather than sweep them under the carpet or leave for another day, you may be surprised by the happy outcome.

Money & Career: Financial security and stability is all you wish for and you are not one to start taking risks or gambles, if an opportunity comes along that peaks your interest it’s worth exploring more. Keeping everything simple and using your hard working and industrial nature you’ll see some success and make sure you calculate and use any new ideas to your advantage.

Low Dates: 21st & 22nd April.   Good Dates: 7th, 8th & 9th April.