Horoscope for May 2017

June 21st – July 22nd

Outlook for the month: This is the month to stick to your normal routine and be around those you feel closest too, short journeys may satisfy your need to get out and about. Keep the balance by planning some gatherings at home, so invite family and friends around, you are a brilliant entertainer and others will enjoy your company. As we pass through the month you may feel the need to spread your wings and go further afield to broaden your horizons. A time when you’ll feel stable and secure especially at home and with those you know well, don’t make plans for the future but allow life to come to you and see exactly what it may present to you.

Love & Romance: Romance and your love life will not be in the forefront of your mind and have to take a back seat, there are others things and issues that will take up your time and energy. Allow situations to stay as they are and don’t try and push someone close into making decisions, you may not get the response you were wishing for.

Money & Career: You’ll have plenty of energy and determination to achieve certain goals and targets, if opportunities come along don’t hesitate to look at them more closely. Financially all should be balanced so don’t take on any risks without getting the full facts. If needed ask for advice from a trusted colleague or friend.

Low Dates: 15th & 16th May.   Good Dates: 1st, 28th & 29th May.