AquariusHoroscope for October 2017

Jan 21st – Feb 19th

Outlook for the month: Your popularity will be at an all time high and everyone will want your company, choose the company carefully as any information you glean from communicating with others  will really enhance something in your future. Your professional life is taking centre stage this month and although you’ll wish to socialize hard work and effort will pay off in the long run. Something is shifting in your outlook and talking with those closest to you will allow you to decide with a clear thought pattern. An exciting opportunity beckons and you need to be ready to take the big step into your future. Changes made now in your working life will be extraordinary and you’ll be so glad you seized the moment.

Love & Romance: Romantically everything is looking good and you’ll be the life and soul of any family or social gatherings. In a happy frame of mind you may feel distracted from other areas of your life that need your attention. Try and keep the balance right and all should be well, you’re a great mediator and negotiator so use this to your advantage.

Money & Career: Talking, meetings and discussions will be all important over the coming weeks, make sure you’re available so you don’t miss out on any decisions being made. New information will herald a time when you can be ahead of the game, and you’ll be impressing those high up the career ladder with your get ahead attitude. Seize the moment and you’ll be glad you did.

 Low Dates: 14th & 15th October. Good Dates: 1st, 28th & 29th October.