AquariusHoroscope for March 2018

Jan 21st – Feb 19th

Outlook for the month: If your patience is being tested this month count to ten and don’t immediately respond to whatever problem or person that is causing you angst. Allowing others to do their own thing will give you the breathing space you may need, so take a step back and give yourself time. Such a social sign you like to be in the thick of it when it comes to gatherings and meeting people, over the coming weeks everyone will be putting you on their invite list. Pick and chose who will be granted your presence as there are a few people in your immediate circle who really aren’t worth your time and effort.

Love & Romance: This is the month to listen rather than talk especially before you start making your mind up about someone or a relationship. What you hear over the coming weeks may cause you some alarm, but don’t listen to idle gossip and rumours which may lead you up the wrong garden path. Stick to what you know to be true and trust your intuition before coming to a conclusion.

 Money & Career: Make sure that you don’t take on too much extra work but if the pressure is on ask others for help and assistance, it will be willingly given. Time to call in some favours, back up and support is yours for the taking provided you ask. Financial issues will be on your mind and this would be a great month to set yourself a budget and try and incorporate saving a little for a rainy day.

Low Dates: 1st, 27th & 28th March.  Good Dates: 13th, 14th & 15th March.