AquariusHoroscope for December 2017

Jan 21st – Feb 19th

Outlook for the month: A good month to do some good deeds, they say charity begins at home but the more you give to others the more you’ll receive back. The rewards may have you thinking and taking a different approach with the people around you. Look for ways to help and the favours you give will make you feel satisfied and happier.  A social month which may have some surprises, gain any information that’s given and the knowledge you’ll get may pay you dividends in the future year. Your company will be in demand as your charm and influence grow over the coming weeks. If you’re feeling in a reflective mood this may be the time to make some plans for 2018, change your agenda and fill yourself with positive expectations as to what the future holds. Open your doors and allow the world to come to you as this month there is much enjoyment and fun for you.

Love & Romance: A lovely month for your social life and making new friends and contacts, you’ll charm everyone you come into contact with and be fun to be around. Love and romance will be on your mind and the chance of meeting someone special may occur and affairs of the heart will see you making plans to get to know someone better.

Money & Career: Sound and solid ideas will come and you’ll have the chance to look at an opportunity that comes along and decide if you’d like to take it further. Take any advice that is given as well as any information that you hear along the way. This could be very exciting for your future and the ambitions you have been planning for so many months.

Low Dates: 7th & 8th December. Good Dates: 22nd & 23rd December.