About Sara

Sara Delphi AstrologerSara Delphi is in much in demand as a leading Clairvoyant and expert in the field of Tarot, Palmistry and Astrology.

Sara started her career training as a nurse at the Royal London Hospital but her interest in the psychic world has always been with her.  Her belief in the spiritual world started from a young age, developed during her nursing years and has now carried forward to the career she has today.  Through Tarot cards,  Palmistry and Astrology Sara offers spiritual guidance to her clients; those going through difficult periods of their lives or searching for a connection with the spiritual world.

With over 20 years of experience, Sara has provided guidance to many clients through her natural psychic ability, working as a medium and using Tarot, Palmistry and Astrology to enhance her gift. Her knowledge and insight with Astrological Birth Charts is well-known and amazingly accurate.

As part of her broadcasting work for six years Sara was a regular Astrologist on BBC Radio 2 show ‘Steve Wright In The Afternoon’, served as weekly astrologist for Channel M TV in Manchester and hosted live phone ins for talkSPORT.  Sara spent two years as the resident monthly Astrologer on BBC Radio Devon with David Fitzgerald on his morning show. For 11 years Sara wrote a regular Horoscope column for a local newspaper, the Mid Devon Advertiser and various magazines such as Spirit and Destiny.

Her ‘Tarot Secrets’ The Major Arcana book was published nine years ago, Sara gives lectures and workshops at many UK libraries and other venues.

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